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Engineering Teachers

Job Data

  • Typical education: Master's Degree or Higher

Salary Range

  • New York State: $78,350-$155,980 per year
  • Capital Region: $87,000-$151,580 per year
  • Central New York: $69,520-$135,400 per year
  • Finger Lakes: $72,990-$142,440 per year
  • Hudson Valley: $50,660-$135,480 per year
  • Long Island: $73,780-$154,270 per year
  • Mohawk Valley: $55,370-$114,950 per year
  • New York City: $91,490-$180,270 per year
  • North Country: $68,560-$124,400 per year
  • Southern Tier: $85,910-$155,010 per year
  • Western New York: $71,660-$134,990 per year

Typical Tasks

  1. Conduct research in a particular field of knowledge and publish findings in professional journals, books, or electronic media.
  2. Prepare course materials, such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts.
  3. Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory work, assignments, and papers.
  4. Write grant proposals to procure external research funding.
  5. Supervise undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship, and research work.