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Mechanical Engineers

Job Data

  • Typical education: Bachelor's Degree

Salary Range

  • New York State: $67,180-$117,950 per year
  • Capital Region: $73,930-$126,270 per year
  • Central New York: $68,750-$112,930 per year
  • Finger Lakes: $65,220-$107,710 per year
  • Hudson Valley: $71,830-$129,660 per year
  • Long Island: $71,520-$128,690 per year
  • Mohawk Valley: $58,960-$100,960 per year
  • New York City: $65,710-$123,900 per year
  • North Country: $66,770-$101,640 per year
  • Southern Tier: $68,290-$111,600 per year
  • Western New York: $62,000-$105,240 per year

Typical Tasks

  1. Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, or computer-generated reports.
  2. Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, or maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems or processes to meet requirements.
  3. Confer with engineers or other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, or provide technical information.
  4. Develop, coordinate, or monitor all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication, or operation of product designs.
  5. Investigate equipment failures or difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and recommend remedial actions.